Stucco & Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS)

Offering years of commitment to nothing less than quality, service and excellence, your structure is our palette. We can create your masterpiece and make it stand out well above the rest! Our specialties include real stucco and Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS). We can match any colors with a wide variety of textures that will bring your structure to life.

The term "stucco" describe a type of exterior plaster applied as a coating on masonry, over wood or metal lath, or wood frame structure. Stucco commonly found on historic structures and is so common that it frequently goes unnoticed. It is often used to imitate other materials. Stucco is widely popular because: 1) an inexpensive material that can simulate artistic stonework; a stucco coating over a poorly less finished substrate can give the building the appearance of being a more expensive and important structure; and 3) stucco protects a building from wind and rain penetration, and offers a certain amount of fire protection.

In addition to an attractive exterior finish on your home or business, a stucco finish is an effective finishing method after interior or exterior foundation repair, retaining wall reinforcement, and building restorations. Although durable and a protective coating, like everything else, stucco is at the mercy of the elements, particularly water damage. Successful stucco repair requires the skill and experience of a professional and each project is unique, with its own set of problems that require individual solutions.

Down Under Waterproofing has years of experience with all stucco application methods and uses including tuckpointing, EIFS (exterior insulation finishing system), traditional stucco, facade restoration and brick repair. Stucco is applicable to concrete foundations, masonry block, brick, stone siding, as well tuck-pointing, a process of repairing mortar joints in masonry block. We have been involved with several historical restoration projects in the area and pride ourselves in quality workmanship and unsurpassed customer service.

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