Masonry Repair and Restoration

Masonry is one of the longest serving and durable forms of construction due to the materials they are made from; however over time and due to movement of the earth as well as fluctuation in temperature, repairs will inevitably be required at some point.

The constant exposure to the atmosphere and harsh weather conditions in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania results in the mortar used in masonry construction to wear away and decay. As the mortar cracks it allows moisture to enter the structure which will eventually destroy the integrity of the masonry structure. It is important to remove the ineffective mortar and replace it. This is a highly skilled job and our workmen specialize in tuckpointing, the process of reapplying mortar in such a way that the original state of the brickwork is restored.

At Down Under Waterproofing & Foundation Repair, we provide our clients with wall crack repair, stone repair, retaining wall repair, staircase masonry repair as well as any other masonry wall repair tasks you may require throughout your property. If you are looking for a superior quality masonry restoration and repair services, our team is the best available in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvaniafor the job. We have years experience working with all forms of masonry including all types of brick work, repointing or tuck pointing brick, build/replace steps, block work, chimney repair and more to ensure you have strong and durable masonry elements to your property.

Down Under Waterproofing and Foundation Repair is the best in masonry construction and residential masonry repair, as recommended by many of the residents and our clients in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. We can assist you with a range of masonry constructions and repairs, ensuring the highest quality finishes and caulking to ensure you are proud to show off the feature elements of your home.

Whether a chimney, porch, ot other structure on your home needs tuckpointing or the exterior walls, archways or entryways are crumbling, the expert brick masons at Down Under Waterproofing and Foundation Repair can handle it. The extreme fluctuations in New Jerset and Eastern Pennsylvania weather wreak havoc on brickwork. Brick structures, walls, patios, walkways, all need special attention to maintain their integrity and protect your premises from disaster.

If you see areas in your brickwork where the bricks are crumbling, the mortar has fallen out, or sections have moved out of alignment, call us right away. We will come out for a free consultation and plan on how we will repair your brickwork to last for years to come.

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