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Egress windows are designed and intended to provide emergency exits to homeowners in case of fire or other life-threatening situation. In other words, when a fire or other emergency occur, basement windows must be of a certain size so you can escape and first responders and can get in. While these are not a new concept, the standards and regulations associated with them have changed.

Most building codes, including the International Residential Code (IRC), require egress windows as a matter of home safety. Generally speaking, an egress window is required if have or create a habitable space, including a bedroom, in your basement. In other words, if you have a finished basement, you need an egress window

Window well escape systems may be a safety requirement, but you don't have to sacrifice your basement's beauty to comply with the building codes. Depending on your budget, Down Under Waterproofing & Foundation Repair has an egress window well system that is right for you. Products are even available in planter designs for added beauty inside your home or in modular designs that are the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to add basement egress. Egress window well systems also add natural daylight and ventilation to basement areas, making them as warm and comfortable.

Basement Doors

Basement doors are great for easy access to basement storage areas or for moving large items into finished basement areas. The wide opening of doors allow large storage items such as deck and patio furniture and large items such as pool tables and furniture to be easily moved in and out of a basement.

If you do not have egress windows, then your basement door must meet IRC 2018 building code requirements for emergency egress in finished basement living areas. Having an agress door installed may be a viable and more versatile option to having an egress window installed.

Basement doors and products are available for both flat and sloped basement areaways and are offered in several material and finish options to compliment any home.

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